Personal Injury Claim Settlement Calculator

Arizona Personal Injury Claim: Settlement Calculator Breakdown

If you are a Tucson resident and have experienced an injury in an accident due to the negligence of another, you may be entitled to a personal injury settlement. The value of this settlement is dependent upon the severity of the injuries, amount of expenses, and effect the incident has had on your life and well-being.

To get a general idea of what a settlement value may be, there are many personal injury calculators available online. Using one of these calculators is a great way to get a ballpark figure of what your case may be worth, but it is not an accurate amount that you can definitively expect. Experienced personal injury lawyers will fight for your fair settlement with the parties involved.

Facts and situations surrounding every personal injury claim are different, therefore the only way to know for sure how much your claim is worth is by consulting with a personal injury lawyer.

We highly recommend that you do not stake your claim or hopes on the results from an online personal injury settlement calculator. But you may choose to take a look or would like to accurately compile the information you will need in a meeting with a personal injury attorney.

Here we have provided a breakdown and explanation of the figures and information you will need for your personal injury claim.

What are the Economic Damages involved in a Personal Injury Claim?

Property Damage

What is the value of your personal property that was damaged in the accident? This type of damage is most commonly included in settlements due to a car accident. This includes the cost it would take to repair your vehicle and any belongings inside of the vehicle that were damaged.

Past Medical Expenses

What medical costs have you already accrued? This is the total cost of expenses due to medical treatments such as hospital stays, surgeries, medications, and rehabilitation. It is commonly known that personal injury cases involving surgery have a much higher value claim than incidents that are considered minor, such as a break vs. a fracture.

Future Medical Expenses

What medical bills can you expect in the future? This figure may not be as easy to calculate compared to bills you have already received but it is important not to forget to include them in your records. If you have been told that your injury will require extensive rehab in the future, continued surgery, or lifelong medical care, you should be compensated for that. You may not have exact figures to supply but having notations in your medical files from your doctor will help your claim in this area.

Past Lost Wages

How many days of work have you missed due to your injury? This figure includes lost pay for all the days you were unable to work after your accident. You should also include the pay amount for paid days off that you used, if any, as if they were unpaid. Such as: PTO and vacation days.

Future Lost Wages

How long will you continue to be unable to work? If you have been unable to return to work and know that will be the case for some time, or if your injuries will affect your ability to work in the future, your claim will likely include compensation for those days. Keeping an accurate record of symptoms, inability to work, and doctors visits will help to legitimize your claim.

What are the General Damages included in a Personal Injury Claim?

Past Pain and Suffering

How have your injuries affected your life in non-monetary ways? Personal injuries take a toll on your physical and mental well being in addition to your pocket book. This figure is not one for you as the claimant to enumerate but for an insurance company or jury.

Your responsibility is to keep records of the activities and events you are unable to complete, the mental anguish you experience such as panic attacks, depression and anxiety, and the physical discomfort you experience in daily life. These experiences should be also recorded and notated by your physicians such as doctors or therapists.

Future Pain and Suffering

Will your physical and mental well-being continue to be affected by the accident? If your injuries will continue to affect your daily abilities or if the mental effect continues to weigh on your life, this should be included in your claim. This is especially true in instances such as an auto accident that has left you with memory loss or permanent disfigurement.

How are Non-Economic Damages Calculated?

Non-Economic damages are calculated by what is known as the multiplier method. This is where an insurance adjuster will consider the severity of your accident and assign it a numeric value from 1-5, 1 being less severe accidents and 5 being extremely severe.

Claims involving permanent effects, brain or spine injuries, or surgeries will receive higher multipliers than claims with minor breaks, whiplash, or quick recovery times.

The adjuster will then multiply this number by the amount of Economic or Special damages to arrive at your claim figure. This number can then be negotiated and settled by your lawyer.

Seeking an Arizona Personal Injury Lawyer

It is our recommendation that before seeking any type of settlement, you consult with and hire a law firm with experience in personal injury claims. Personal injury calculators are not sound legal advice and are not able to account for your special circumstances.

Bobbi Berry at BBerry Law Office has over 25 years of experience in personal injury law and litigation. She is especially qualified to quickly settle your personal injury case and get you the best outcome and settlement available. Call today to schedule your free consultation in person or online.